Welcome to cisum

Cisum's mission is to provide a new way of discovering music. Like a globetrotting adventure, cross the map while listening to music from the regions that interest you.

There are two ways to visit this musical world:
The first is to simply skim your mouse around the map until a note appears and music begins to load.
The second is specified by your preferences. Configure a few desired settings (Genre, Type, Year, and Country), then click on play.

Bon voyage!

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Music is an audible art. Artist are influence by where they live, country, place, cities. Songs are a mix of cultures.

Traditional music are transmitted through an oral tradition. Are related to national culture. Are Non-comercial and they commemorate historical and personal events. They can be from a fusion of culture.

Latin music are Tango, Salsa, Samba, Rumba and Reggaetón.

Hip hop is a musical expression originated in New York City, Bronx. Lyricks. Dance.

Gypsy music refer to the typical Eastern Europe music. Dance culture.

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